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a Dallas, TX rock band

Atlas Hour is a modern rock band set on combining the catchy, singalong choruses of the early to late 2000's with the punchy instrumentals of today's metal scene. With a strong lyrical focus on social anxieties (within oneself or others), this quartet aims to strike deep and challenge the listener to face the difficult truths of modern life. 


Since debuting in late 2019, Atlas Hour has galvanized a growing following with their unique message. Their new take on the modern rock scene introduces a sound that is both palatable for casual listeners and entrancing for die hard rockers. Incorporating orchestral elements such as violins and synthesizers into their live shows,  Atlas Hour is able to create a gigantic sound with just four members. 



November 2019

Dancing with a Stranger (Sam Smith Cover)

December 2020

stanger artwork FINAL.png

After receiving immediate popularity at the band's live performances and in the midst of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Atlas Hour made the decision to officially release their first cover song while socially distanced. Writing and recording all instruments separately, the band would only meet one time to record vocals before sending the music off to Kile Odell for production. Resonating with the idea of being emotionally removed during an evening out due to heartbreak, Atlas Hour felt that they could deliver a new take on this track with the more aggressive undertones of their original music.


November 2019

Working with esteemed rock/metal producer Kile Odell, Atlas Hour's debut EP "Conversations" hit the scene with a new crisp and clean sound. While the majority of music today focuses on inflating self esteem, this EP delivers various sobering truths to the listener. In the very first track "Reality" points out the human nature of lying to oneself and seeking false validation while challenging the audience to accept reality and move forward. The fan favorite "Victim Syndrome" recounts frustrations experienced by singer Parker Devlin while helping a friend struggle through addiction. Endless emotion is poured into each and every word in this work of art.

Conversations Cover.jpg
Dancing with a Stranger - Sam Smith, Normani (Rock Cover By Atlas Hour)
Atlas Hour - Victim Syndrome
Atlas Hour- Heart Sounds
Atlas Hour - Mind
Atlas Hour - Reality
Atlas Hour - Cry
Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 11.01.41


Metalhead Community

Magazine Feature

December 1, 2020

"Today we are featuring another promising modern rock band, ATLAS HOUR, from the USA. We have reviewed their fantastic cover of DANCING WITH A STRANGER, along with its character, style, story, potential, and more.

They kept the overture close to its original, then brought the story where they showed their real character. This is a successful piece of work with its top-class production, dynamics, and irresistible melodies."

Read More:



February 15, 2020

Come throw down with 94.5 The BUZZ favorite, Hold on Hollywood as they release their 2nd EP. This show will feature Texas locals: Dead Set Red, The Steve Satchel Band, and Atlas Hour.



October 11, 2019

Do your ears a favor and make a date with DJ Suzy again this weekend. On this week's edition of Indie Mania, Suzy checks out a heap of new additions along with Ditch Water's latest album, Never Say Never.

The Amorettes, Stricken, Violet Janine, ReFrame, Southern Smoke, Ditchwater, Order Of The Emperor, Hellbound Hearts, Atlas Hour, The Jailbirds, Ditchwater, Betyljoos, Arrays 


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